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Blue Life Coaching is a premier private practice in the North Shore (30 minutes north of Chicago) dedicated to helping people reach their maximum potential in life. The staff uses cutting-edge research to help clients resolve issues and then look to the future to flourish and thrive. 

We offer Master's-level life coaching, tailored to fit the need of each individual client. Whether it's individual one-on-one sessions, groups, couples, family or workshops, Blue Life Coaching has a variety to support adolescents to adults of all ages. 

usan Bl
ue, MA, Certified Life Coach 

Susan is the founder of Blue Life Coaching. She is a University of Michigan alum and a certified Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership, Learning and Coaching, as well as a public speaker.

Susan specializes in helping women who want to go back to work, or grow their businesses. She also serves couples and moms with several groups and individual sessions. 

Going from a stay-at-home mom to owning her own private practice, Susan knows what it takes to go for your dreams. Susan specializes in coaching women who want to get back to work, create their own business and find a steady work-life balance.

Susan practices what she preaches by participating in her own personal growth work.  She is ready to motivate, inspire, and shape the next steps in your journey whether it is in a personal one-on-one session or in a group. Prior to coaching, Susan was the Teaching Leader of the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Winnetka chapter for 9 years, preparing and delivering 50-minute lectures weekly to approximately 100 women. Susan has been married for more than 30 years, has two adult children and two grandchildren and is a member of Willow Creek North Shore.

As a Life Coach, she is best known for giving her clients a "push and a hug" in a well-rounded balance offering nurturing, encouragement and ideas to help change your life

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